The music of Kevin Kaisershot is also produced via his desktop outlet known as Sans Nom Publications. This is also available through the J.W. Pepper website. The Pepper site contains audio samples and music samples.

What is Sans Nom Publications?

Sans Nom Publications (SNP) was established as a means to help provide useful compositions and arrangements for educational and performance purposes in addition to what is already available.  SNP allows the educator and/or performer to navigate other tributaries of the mainstream, commonly referred to as “core literature” for something a bit different but still effective for the purpose at hand.

Percussion Ensemble Information

Written for anything from four to 10 parts, these ensembles feature 2 to 3 melodic lines that are accompanied by the remaining parts.

The melodic lines for the most part are covered by xylophone but several also feature the vibraphone or marimba.

I have adapted the melodic lines from previous duet and trio material for winds. These wind parts can also be played along with or instead of the melodic percussion parts providing different instrumental colors with the rhythmic lines.

Percussion instrumentation is restricted to what I feel would constitute a standard arsenal in almost any music room (i.e. nothing outlandish)

Dispatch Information

As a noun a dispatch can be considered some type of communication such as a communiqué, bulletin, report, statement, letter, message; news, intelligence, memo, info, story, lowdown, scoop; literary tidings.

In early wartimes, dispatches were often short bits of written information passed on to various areas in the field of battle and headquarters as a means to communicate the current state of affairs.

These little vignettes are designed to communicate a short bit of musical information to the listener.  Sometimes the information is positive and sometimes, not so much.